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2015-04-03 08:13 pm

Mama (We All Go To Hell)

Inspired by the amazing animated storyboard for Mama. This is my "live-action" take, combining 3 different MCR videos to keep as true to the storyboard as possible.

I've been working on this for aaages and I finally think it's ready to share. [ profile] _audrey was awesome when I contacted her about this, and is one of the artists that I've always really admired in bandom.

I used clips from Ghost of You, Famous Last Words, and Welcome to the Black Parade (as well as a few useful scenes from KP's Thinking of You). It's edited so that you can watch this version alongside the original storyboard and most scenes will match up.

full size cover (1280x720)

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2013-05-13 06:29 pm

(art) danger... clays | mcr!

Hello all! I have tafe stuff taking up most of my time but I wanted to post a general hi and some art times!

Once upon a time, the lovely [personal profile] manuanya got me my awesome pinboard account and I wanted to give her something equally awesome in return. So! I wanted to art her something, like, with my hands and paper and an available post office person (she'd only be recieving the art, not the person).

Unfortunately, since I've gotten into digital drawing my hand-to-paper work has suffered some, (okay a lot, it wasn't too great before either) and I just kept getting frustrated and not finishing anything.

Then one day I remembered; I have clay! And paint! And shit finally started coming together and I didn't want to destroy things. ♥

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2013-05-11 01:43 am

(art) Patrick owned your ass

Late, but I needed to because Patrick Stump.

Okay, back to mountain of assessments. Sleep time, though I may materialise if you say my name 3 times in a mirror at midnight on the night of a full moon. *shrugs* it's happened before.

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2013-02-11 02:26 am

(art) this is my idea | harry/draco

this is my idea
by: [personal profile] josie
fandom: Harry Potter
pairing: Harry and Draco
trope: "forced to marry"
notes: this is for [community profile] trope_bingo. I was watching Swan Princess and finally drew a version of this I was happy enough with. I hope the title alone's got the song stuck in your head like it has mine.

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2013-01-02 05:36 pm


Watching Mulan after HBP was a good choice.

If you haven't gotten your Christmas cards yet, do not fret! You shall soon, the universe wouldn't let you miss out on a card from ME!


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2012-11-27 05:43 pm

(crack!vid) Say Crack Again | Bandom

Say Crack Again
by: [personal profile] josie
fandom: Bandom
summary: "Who understands those scene guys, anyway?" A fanvid in which Frank is just somebody Gerard used to know, and Pete Wentz does Gangnam Style. I'm not even a little bit kidding.
format: mp4
length: 3:29 mins
notes: I've been working on this off and on for the last couple months. I just wanted to make sure it was at least a little funny. IS IT FUNNY? AM I FUNNY?? VALIDATE ME.

+ Welcome to the Record - Hellogoodbye
+ My Band - D12
+ The Internet is for Porn - Avenue Q
+ Somebody That I Used To Know - Gotye
+ Defying Gravity - Wicked
+ Bulletproof Heart - My Chemical Romance
+ Super - South Park
+ Indoors Song - Spongebob Squarepants
+ Gangnam Style - PSY
+ Now You're a Man - DVDA
+ Poison - Bell Biv DeVoe
+ I'm Sorry - Brenda Lee

watch on
+ VIMEO (password: bandomstyle)

+ AO3

download (51mb)
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2012-10-02 12:22 am

(vid) If I only could | teen wolf

If I Only Could
by: [personal profile] josie
fandom: Teen Wolf
contains: werewolves, and angst, and death, oh my! oh, and spoilers.
format: mp4
length: 2:36 mins
song/artist: Running Up That Hill, Kate Bush
notes: sorry about the quality, I'm still having sucky rendering issues. Made this because at some point in the last few weeks I started watching Teen Wolf and became obsessed, sooooo feels happened. Fuck.

(password: upthathill)

watch on

download (39mb)
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2012-07-14 10:06 pm

I really, really love the BOM musical.

Harry's always been a little over-confident...

...what? I can make shitty animations if I want to, I'm an independent woman!