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2014-06-28 12:01 am

(art!) hp, snape/lupin

<< Snape in the presence of wolf!Lupin

Oh man, so many thanks to the wonderful [personal profile] malnpudl for commissioning me and being ever so patient and supportive - as well as to everyone that's commissioned me, I have no words for how grateful I am for the kindness you've all shown me. ♥

There are two versions because I am fickle! I wanted one where they vistit one another's portraits and have sexual tension, eg. impending kiss (version 1 portrait) )

But I also wanted something less saturated with a darker feeling, and so we have
impending kiss (version 2 pensieve) )


Now, these ones sort of fit together on purpose; morning - midday - nighttime. I really enjoyed drawing the ideas [personal profile] malnpudl had, and these gave me a better feel for their relationship :) (also! Lupin's book is titled "Solving your Slytherin" if you were wondering.)

domesticity and bantering )
dueling practise )
Lying in bed, one watching the other sleep )

These will be on my tumblr soon, too. :D
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2013-02-11 02:26 am

(art) this is my idea | harry/draco

this is my idea
by: [personal profile] josie
fandom: Harry Potter
pairing: Harry and Draco
trope: "forced to marry"
notes: this is for [community profile] trope_bingo. I was watching Swan Princess and finally drew a version of this I was happy enough with. I hope the title alone's got the song stuck in your head like it has mine.

such a powerful and magic potion! )
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2013-01-02 05:36 pm


Watching Mulan after HBP was a good choice.

If you haven't gotten your Christmas cards yet, do not fret! You shall soon, the universe wouldn't let you miss out on a card from ME!


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2012-12-30 12:45 am

(art) inanimate; harry/draco

by: [personal profile] josie
fandom: Harry Potter
pairing: Harry/Draco
kink: "objectification"
rating/contains: R, nudity, objectification kink

NSFW art )
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2012-11-02 11:32 pm


Aww yiss, trying to finish the things that I've been meaning to send to the wonderful Manu. Grabby three year old hands kept finding and breaking 'em, but I'm determined to send them out this month. DETERMINED.

U GUISE, I got nothing but some odd disjointed ideas for doodles that I'm not sure will work out just yet.

I'm gonna list 'em out with the sketches so you can see, ok? ok.

Harry & Draco, Dangers Days crossover )

Frank Ieroweenie )

BAMF Girl's Club!Hermione shipping H/D )

Also Gerard and Peeta Bread bonding and Derek brooding around Draco, but I couldn't get them to work. Prompt me if you like! :)

I have a Halloween party thing to go to tomorrow maybe. Ugh, I just suck at parties. The little anxiety monster keeps telling me all the ways it will be horrible, I said I'd go, but I almost tried to get out of it before my mum convinced me it would be better for me to go. Just. People! Place that is not home! Feeling like I don't belong! Sometimes I think I'm so much better at being ~social~ and then it all goes to shit.

*sigh* Well, I'll see how it goes, I guess. Sorry for that, I don't know, it might be fine.
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2012-10-16 01:09 am

(art) hey harry! (harry/draco)

So you know what was a joy? Uploading this to the WRONG TUMBLOG. MY ~REAL LIFE~ ONE. WHERE I MAKE AN EFFORT TO REPRESS MY FANNISH SIDE (AND MOSTLY FAIL AT IT). I deleted it before anyone caught it, I hope. That would just be... no. I guess I'm lucky it wasn't porn.

So this was a fun one to do.

In which Draco Malfoy is actually Helga Pataki from Hey Arnold! )

I think Helga and Arnold may be the actual reason I ship it, also I need to stop marathoning cartoons from my childhood at some point. I am not yet at that point though.

Bandom stuff coming up soon!
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2012-09-11 11:26 pm

(vid) Marked | Harry/Draco

by: [personal profile] josie
fandom: Harry Potter
pairing: Harry/Draco
kink: "possesion/marking"
rating/contains: mature, sexual themes, blood and marking
format: mp4
length: 48 secs
song/artist: A Dream Within A Dream (Nalepa Remix) The Glitch Mob
notes: Fill for my kink_bingo square "possession/marking". I had terrible trouble rendering this thing, so the quality's not as great as I'd like, but oh well. H/D vidlet, yay!

(password: mine)

watch on

+ AO3

download (4mb)
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2012-07-14 10:06 pm

I really, really love the BOM musical.

Harry's always been a little over-confident...

...what? I can make shitty animations if I want to, I'm an independent woman!
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2012-07-01 01:48 am

(vid) lying is the most fun...| harry/draco

title: Lying is the most fun...
by: [personal profile] josie (itsforscience)
rating: pg-13
summary: "You know it will always just be me."
song/artist: Lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off, Panic! at the Disco
length: 1:05
format: avi
notes: I like this one even though I'm frustrated by the clip quality. The manips were fun to do and I used some Judas Kiss scenes. It turned out better than I thought it would.

password: dance

watch on:
+ TUMBLR (embed)
+ VIMEO (password: dance)

+ MEDIAFIRE (avi 69mb)
+ VIMEO (wmv 92 mb)
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2012-06-30 01:09 am

(vid) you look so fine; harry/draco (ginny's pov)

title: You look so fine
pairing: Harry/Draco, one-sided Ginny/Harry
song/artist: You Look So Fine, Garbage
summary: Harry loves Draco, Draco loves Harry, Ginny... wishes things were just that simple.
length: 1:11
format: avi
notes: This is a Harry/Draco vid from Ginny's POV. I meant to post this ages ago, but I had trouble rendering it and every test upload to youtube came out badly. I meant for it to be longer but ran out of inspiration and cut it short. /o\

password: falling

watch on:
+ VIMEO (password: falling)
+ TUMBLR (embed)

+ MEDIAFIRE (avi 89mb)
+ VIMEO (wmv 198mb)
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2012-06-07 11:29 pm

vid: uprising | harry potter

title: Uprising
by: [personal profile] josie (itsforscience)
song/artist: Uprising (Does It Offend You, Yeah? Remix), Muse
length: 1:19
format: avi

password: victorious:

watch on:

download (98mb):

notes: the song made me do it o_o the awesome overlays are by akisora05 on youtube.
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2012-05-11 12:36 am

vid: i shot you down; harry/draco

title: I Shot You Down
by: [ profile] josiemus_prime (itsforscience)
song/artist: Bang Bang, Nancy Sinatra
pairing: Harry/Draco
rating/contains: pg-13, blood, non-graphic violence
length: 2:39
format: wmv
summary: "I use the Pensieve. One simply siphons the excess thoughts from one's mind, pours them into the basin, and examines them at one's leisure. It becomes easier to spot patterns and links, you understand, when they are in this form." - Dumbledore.

password: bangbang

on VIMEO (password: bangbang)

Download (180 mb):
VIMEO (downloads available below video)

Why are H/D vids so fun to make? Honestly, I can't wait to start on my next one! I don't know if you guys can tell, but this journal is no longer as bandom-centric as it once was. Not that I'm out of bandom! I'll post more bandom art here sometime soon, but I like posting my HP stuff here, too. I feel like I'm asking two kids to share a toy for some reason. Just wanted to put down what's going on with this thing. Anyhow, I really enjoyed putting this one together. Non-HP clips are taken from Judas Kiss.
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2012-04-29 06:59 pm

vid: harry potter; crack

title: Crack
by: josiemus_prime (itsforscience)
pairing: n/a
rating/contains: pg-13 for crack, my lame sense of humour and affinity for musicals, and bad, bad language.
summary: Crack.
notes: Crack. I did this the other night out of pure excitement that I figured out my rendering issues \o/ so this can be played in 720p.

password: whatever

Songs listed in order of appearance below~

"My United States of Whatever" - Liam Lynch
"Chop Suey" - System of a Down
"I Can Change" - South Park (the movie)
"Freedom" - George Michael
"Monster" - Kanye West
"Fuck You" - Lily Allen
"Somewhere Out There" - An American Tail
"Creeps Me Out" - Ima Robot
"I'll Make a Man out of You" - Mulan
"If You Were Gay" - Avenue Q
"Popular" - Wicked
"You and Me (But Mostly Me) - The Book of Mormon
"Macarena" - Los Del Rio

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2012-04-05 01:39 am

vid: everywhere I go; harry/draco

title: Everywhere I Go
by [ profile] josiemus_prime (itsforscience)
pairing: Harry/Draco
song: Everywhere I Go by Lissie
rating: pg
summary: Harry breaks up with Draco - and gets hexed for his trouble - to leave him and the others to go in search of the horcuxes on his own.
notes: Mostly DH-compliant save for their relationship and Draco standing up to Voldemort. Might be spoilery for DH2. Hopefully the story makes sense, though if something is confusing feel free to ask about it :)

password: angels


DOWNLOAD (18 mb)

crossposted to AO3

I'm sorry about the quality, my computer does not want to render HD these days. Aaand this would be my first H/D vid \o/? Actually, this would in fact be my first ever HP vid at all, and I had loads of fun doing it, definitely plan on making more in the future.