09 July 2012 @ 11:58 pm
Gutter Trash by [personal profile] josie
r | 1,700~ words
pairing: Bert/Gerard, possible Frank/Gerard implied
summary: This is what they're fighting to keep, what they'd choose any day over the cool, filtered air in Battery City.
notes: This has been collecting dust in my docs so I figured I'd post it since it doesn't look like it'll be finished anytime soon. I worked on this a lot last year, it is my danger!verse epic that almost was until I lost momentum. I still have the basic outline in my notes, interestingly the B/G tryst in the desert in this is where I got the idea for Kiss my battery (drac!Frank/Party Poison), kind of funny to think that I stole my own idea.

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01 February 2011 @ 03:58 pm
For [ profile] _slashygoodness! Because I owe her birthday fic from about 2 years ago, maybe. I don't even remember what the prompt for that was, but whatever. New fic! New prompt! Forget that old whatever thing... You won't hate me for that anymore, right?

(oh yeah pimpage, go check out [ profile] chatfic_archive okay! maybe? If you want to? I'd like you to :D?)

how'd you like to waste some time
680 words
rating: uuuuh, R
pairing: Pete/Patrick, Andy/Mixon

Prompt: "the time Pete and Patrick were making out and went off to have sex and stumbled in on Andy and Mixon."

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27 December 2007 @ 02:50 am
The thing is, I was supposed to portray Gerard as pure asshole, but I had trouble making him pure asshole because it just never fit right. But Bert will still call him an asshole enough times to make up for it. It’s a web of relationships and lies, lies! I tried to refrain from wife drama.

It was, at first, a conversational piece. Then I re-read it and started going "just something here, ooh, maybe this should be re-written there" and fuck. Now I have something over seven-thousand words long which I am praying makes sense. If you are confused as shit by the end I give you full permission to bitch slap me. Hold me to that if it doesn't.

I blame Princy ([ profile] ate_my_brain) for actually encouraging me to write this instead of stopping me. Consider that a dedication, because ilu ♥

Summary: Bert confronts Gerard and calls him out on, basically, everything.

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