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2009-05-14 10:51 pm

[sticky entry] Sticky: masterlist!

This here's a list of links to my fanworks and resources. For those interested, here is the Pete/Patrick rec-list. Please note that it is no longer being regularly updated or maintained. Some links may be inactive or lead to locked entries.


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2015-04-03 08:13 pm

Mama (We All Go To Hell)

Inspired by the amazing animated storyboard for Mama. This is my "live-action" take, combining 3 different MCR videos to keep as true to the storyboard as possible.

I've been working on this for aaages and I finally think it's ready to share. [ profile] _audrey was awesome when I contacted her about this, and is one of the artists that I've always really admired in bandom.

I used clips from Ghost of You, Famous Last Words, and Welcome to the Black Parade (as well as a few useful scenes from KP's Thinking of You). It's edited so that you can watch this version alongside the original storyboard and most scenes will match up.

full size cover (1280x720)

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2015-03-14 01:16 am

Josie’s Pete/Patrick Rec List

Posted a masterlist to my tumblr so here's a masterlist of links since I edited the site and realised I never made one here :D so eh why not.

Shortcuts (because scrolling down this thing is a bitch.)
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2015-03-13 10:16 pm

hey peeps

Hello guys! I've really missed the journal-y experience. Tumblr is so not conducive to discussion, sometimes the most interaction I get from there is reblogs. How are you all?

I've been mostly good! Still floundering around with my life a bit, but I have my own room now, moved in all my stuff and painted things to make it look pretty. So that's a good thing, I count it. It's strange not sharing a room, but I'm getting used to it. Also masturbation when you don't share a room with someone else is hella good man, I no longer have to wait for "special occasions" of alone time, I also now have a little vibin' buddy and we are very happy together thnks fr askn. Still doing art, still slow as a turtle.

So here's a thing about people I know smoking weed, looking for advice )
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2014-10-21 11:44 am

Been sick + update

I got pretty sick a few times this year, but I'm super now! I really had zero energy most weeks and my sleeping pattern got really bad, but I'm much better now health and sleeping-wise. I've been drawing whenever I can - working on commissioned pieces and such, which have been fun

Maybe it's the SP fandom influence but I was listening to the lyrics for Na Na Na and now I wanna make a South Park fanvid for it ._. probably not gonna happen, but it's been fun thinking of which parts would go where. The lyrics match up with a lot of scenes from the show/movie/game ok ಠ_ಠ

Also currently repainting a bratz doll into an Elsa doll per my niece's insistent request. Oh boy.
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2014-06-28 12:01 am

(art!) hp, snape/lupin

<< Snape in the presence of wolf!Lupin

Oh man, so many thanks to the wonderful [personal profile] malnpudl for commissioning me and being ever so patient and supportive - as well as to everyone that's commissioned me, I have no words for how grateful I am for the kindness you've all shown me. ♥

There are two versions because I am fickle! I wanted one where they vistit one another's portraits and have sexual tension, eg. impending kiss (version 1 portrait) )

But I also wanted something less saturated with a darker feeling, and so we have
impending kiss (version 2 pensieve) )


Now, these ones sort of fit together on purpose; morning - midday - nighttime. I really enjoyed drawing the ideas [personal profile] malnpudl had, and these gave me a better feel for their relationship :) (also! Lupin's book is titled "Solving your Slytherin" if you were wondering.)

domesticity and bantering )
dueling practise )
Lying in bed, one watching the other sleep )

These will be on my tumblr soon, too. :D
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2014-06-08 06:48 pm

(vid) Jerkwolf and the Midnight Kid | Derek/Stiles

Jerkwolf and the Midnight Kid
by: [personal profile] josie
fandom: Teen Wolf
pairing: Derek/Stiles
format: mp4, avi
length: 4:02 mins
song/artist: Bones, The Killers
summary: If Sterek was the show... a 50's/60's-ish retro style show! Commissioned by [personal profile] jb_slasher!

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2014-04-25 08:13 pm

greetings, earthlings!

Man, I wish I used this more often. Somehow I got just got as bad at being around socially online as I am offline. Though I think I'm worse with "real life".

I'm sorry for being so gone. I used to be so much better at keeping up with people, but now apart from the odd art posts I haven't been around much at all. It's not that I don't want to be, I just feel like I've been... drifting. Things just suck and everything's hard and yeah.

By the way, I really appreciate every one of you for sticking by me even though I've been distant. These past few months have been isolating, and while most of that's my own fault, real life or not you guys have given me the most reliable support though it all, thank you for that ♥.

Soooo, how are you?
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2013-10-07 01:53 am

(art!) Frank is dressed to distress

Commissioned Art for the lovely [ profile] ladyfoxxx, 2005 era Frank dressed in Fun Ghoul's Killjoy garb. Very much inspired by her fic James Cameron Got It Wrong ♥.

Enter to see the rest~  )

I've been swamped by life but things are starting to look up and I'll be able to get through the rest of the commissions much faster. Thanks to all that have donated, the money really has helped and it's even become a learning experience, so bonus! ♥
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2013-07-14 07:38 pm

art things!!

I haven't had the chance to post anything for a while, but I can finally post some art that happened.

Big Bang Art for [ profile] daniomalley22’s awesome Hunger Games AU. Click the image preview below to see more:

Commissioned Art for [ profile] anoceanmonster, Frank/Gerard gay pride ♥. Click the image preview below to see more:
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2013-06-20 12:08 am

Donations and requests for art and vids

First off, thank you, everyone. I read your comments and hugs and support and you don't know how much it means to me. I'm so thankful for all of you, you have no idea ♥

I've made a decision to start doing commissions.

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2013-06-18 01:52 am

Not today.

My dad passed away yesterday, just a day after he was admitted to the hospital.

Jorge M. He was only 65 years old.

It's too sudden.

He's been with my mum for 43 years, they were all the family they had here when they came to Australia. I've never seen her cry like that before, because she lost her first and only love, she lost her companion. It broke all of our hearts over and over.

We're back home and I see him in everything.

I kept trying to warm up his hands but I couldn't. I kept having the stupid thought that now I'd be able to see thestrals. It made me want to laugh and hate myself all at once. I want him back.

I want him to come back. We love him too much, we need him too much. My brothers keep telling me to be strong for mum and I don't know what that means, I'm trying not to cry in front of her and. I can't, I won't fall away into deep depression again, I'm trying.

Thank you all for the support and wishes and prayers. I don't know what happens now. I don't know.
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2013-06-16 07:00 am

(no subject)

Yesterday my dad suffered a severe brain anuerism. As it stands, there's no possible way for doctor's to save him, we've been told as much. Right now they're monitoring his condition and I'm about to leave for the hospital again.

My family is a tightknit group, we're all we have here, and I live with my parents and my sister. So. I'm going to be gone for a while, I'm not sure how long.

I love you all and hope you're all okay.
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2013-05-13 06:29 pm

(art) danger... clays | mcr!

Hello all! I have tafe stuff taking up most of my time but I wanted to post a general hi and some art times!

Once upon a time, the lovely [personal profile] manuanya got me my awesome pinboard account and I wanted to give her something equally awesome in return. So! I wanted to art her something, like, with my hands and paper and an available post office person (she'd only be recieving the art, not the person).

Unfortunately, since I've gotten into digital drawing my hand-to-paper work has suffered some, (okay a lot, it wasn't too great before either) and I just kept getting frustrated and not finishing anything.

Then one day I remembered; I have clay! And paint! And shit finally started coming together and I didn't want to destroy things. ♥

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2013-05-11 01:43 am

(art) Patrick owned your ass

Late, but I needed to because Patrick Stump.

Okay, back to mountain of assessments. Sleep time, though I may materialise if you say my name 3 times in a mirror at midnight on the night of a full moon. *shrugs* it's happened before.

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2013-04-18 07:47 pm

(art) that escalated quickly | boyd/isaac

that escalated quickly
by: [personal profile] josie
fandom: Teen Wolf
pairing: Boyd/Isaac
trope: "fake relationship"
summary: "Isaac! I need you to help me make Erica jealous."
notes: this is for [community profile] trope_bingo. Titling this thing was hell. You don't want to know the alternatives I'd come up with. Ugh. Originally this was gonna be quite angsty for Isaac, but then I went with schmoop. Schmoop all the way!

just the one sfw image )

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2013-04-09 02:23 am

(art) derek's manpain

I think this is SFW. This idea came about when I was feverish and shaking my fist at the world, which was actually my cat now that I come to think about it. Mandatory: [personal profile] languisity is also to blame for this. Equal burden, equal burden!

Stiles is an evil bastard )
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2013-04-09 01:51 am


Hi all!

WHOA picture of my cat )

He thinks he's groceries.

I've got a cold, so it's time again for family to play the "Let's Douse Josie with Glen 20 at Every Turn!" game. It's a fun game. For them. Evil family. Evil.

I've been drawing things! Blaming [personal profile] languisity is starting to become a favoured hobby of mine. And because of the aforementioned culprit, you can count on a Teen Wolf post coming within 3 seconds of this one.


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2013-04-01 11:00 pm

I call it, “The Incompetent Heavily Eyebrowed Alpha”.

... or, “I Have Been Drinking Wine and This Seemed Like a Good Idea".

Okay, I drew this up tonight and made it into a gif: I am so proud of me )

Because [personal profile] languisity turned that thing we were talking about the other day into an actual something made of awesome and yeah, here, read it! )
Told ya, made of awesome. Oh, also: TUMBLR and AO3 because yeeeah.