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josie ([personal profile] josie) wrote2011-05-01 08:24 pm

where to start

I live!

This is my ([ profile] josiemus_prime 's) new things journal! I say things and not fic because I sort of want to post all kinds of stuff here, like vids as well as fic, podfic, wips and drawings maybe. Drawings set to fic? We'll see. I just want to have all the freedom and like, air that I didn't have at sing.

Same basic rules apply, if with a little more structure, and not so much rules as points that need to be made:
    1. Don't jack my things, they are mine.
    ...1a. Reccing is cool because that is not jacking.
    ...1b. Do not jack.
    ...1c. The word jack has lost all meaning.
    2. Please never, never send any of the things here to the people they're about |: ever.
    3. Lurking is great, I like lurkers! I am one of you.
    4. If you are a famous person and wandered here by yourself, I'd suggest you hit the back button asap. If you choose not to, well, you've been warned anyway so whatever. HAHA NO SUE FOR YOU.
    5. I like comments! All comments are great, and con-crit is definitely welcome. If you'd like to beta for me on anything just hit me up either here or my personal lj.
    6. I am a very bandom-centric person, so that's most of what you'll find here.
    7. Just a thing, if you're reccing or bookmarking anything from here, it'd be super sweet if you credited [ profile] josiemus_prime and *not* [ profile] writtenonarms
    8. I just like even numbers.

That feels like plenty, ok! Have a quick doodle of unicorn!Brendon!

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