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This here's a list of links to my fanworks and resources. For those interested, here is the Pete/Patrick rec-list. Please note that it is no longer being regularly updated or maintained. Some links may be inactive or lead to locked entries.



    summer sun
    fob, 2:16 mins, (2011) | pete/patrick
    patrick tries to escape the fame by choosing a life at sea, while pete tries to escape himself in the limelight. they write to each other and it's enough, until one day pete confesses something patrick can't run away from.

    alone with you
    fob, 3:01 mins, (2011) | pete/patrick
    the shared madness of pete and patrick.

    fob, 0:45 secs, (2011) | pete/patrick
    "you'll wear those shoes and I will wear that dress"

    mcr, 3:17, (2012) | katy perry/mikey way
    mikey leaves katy to head off to war.

    dangerous and moving
    mcr, 3:03 mins, (2012) | drac!frank/gerard
    draculoid!frank and the killjoys bid to save him from BLI.

    between two points
    mcr, 2:14 mins, (2012) | frank/gerard
    it's all a game of who owns who.

    sing me anything
    g, fob, 630~ words | pete/patrick
    bodyswap| "If I could attach our blood vessels so we could become each other I would. If I could open your body and slip up inside your skin and look out your eyes and forever have my lips fused with yours I would."

    we are for each other
    r, p!atd, 1,211 words | ryan/spencer, ryan/various
    I've loved you longer than you've known yourself, I'll love you even when you're loving someone else.

    walked home the long way
    g, fob, 222 words | pete/patrick
    Patrick realises they're forever, really short schmoop.

    ficlets 100 table
    pg, fob, 6/100 | pete/patrick

    (drip, drip, drop) little april shower
    pg, fob, 7,480 words | pete/patrick
    Wing!fic set in the wake of their hiatus. In which Pete doesn’t deal well with the break, has a ring that no one seems to want, and Patrick gets his wings.

    g, fob, 301 words | pete/patrick
    shmoopy pillowtalk with bonus blanket forts

    how'd you like to waste some time
    r-ish, fob, 680~ words | pete/patrick, andy/mixon
    prompt: "the time pete and patrick were making out and went off to have sex and stumbled in on andy and mixon."

harry potter.
    everywhere I go
    4:04 mins, (2012) | harry/draco
    harry breaks up with draco to leave him and the others to go in search of the horcuxes on his own.

    hp crackvid
    2:58 mins, (2012) | gen

    I shot you down
    2:39 mins, (2012) | harry/draco
    "I use the pensieve. one simply siphons the excess thoughts from one's mind, pours them into the basin, and examines them at one's leisure. It becomes easier to spot patterns and links, you understand, when they are in this form." - dumbledore.

    1:19 mins, (2012) | gen

    you look so fine
    1:11 mins, (2012) | harry/draco, ginny's POV
    harry loves draco, draco loves harry, ginny... wishes things were just that simple.

    lying is the most fun
    1:05 mins, (2012) | harry/draco
    "you know it will always just be me."

    48 secs, (2012) | harry/draco
    for my kink_bingo square "possession/marking".



south park.
    south park is gay
    (2011) | bewbs, minor kenny/butters

    untitled sp art
    (2011) | mysterion!kenny/butters
    wouldn't it have been nice if just *one* person remembered kenny died?

    everybody knows
    (2011 - completed 2012) | kenny butters
    continuing from this (warning for bewbs)

    sexual healing
    700~ words | kenny-centric
    kink bingo fill for breathplay | It's kenny's birthday and everything's fucked up.

worthy of note.

in regards to using my fanwork (more specifically vids or doodles) as prompts or inspiration for fic, vid cons, or graphics:

Go right ahead! As long as my credit stays feel free to use it for whatever. I appreciate being told about it in a comment or message, but I'm bad at getting back to people sometimes so it's not necessary to ask my permission. Links to whatever it's used for are also greatly appreciated. Contact me if there are any issues with downloading or dead links or some such and I'll help out in any way I can :)

big no-no's:

Claiming my work as your own makes me a sad panda, so don't do that. Also, please do not link anything found here to the people they are about - actors, band members, writers, etc - I realise that these days with the interweb the fourth wall is as real as the Tooth Fairy, but I still like to keep some boundaries.


Overlay effects in vids:

Textures used in art:


I do not claim to have created any fictional characters or concepts used in these fanworks, nor do I imply that drawn, written, or video edited situations about real people are actual implications on their personal lives. Please don't sue me, kthnxbye.

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oh thats an awesome banner!
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hahaha thanks :) my friend helped me pick it out. Otherwise I would have been stuck with a really plain one =/

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Hello, I saw your link on one of my friends pages, and I saw this really cute Pete/Patrick comic and wanted to:
1. Friend you, you seem cool.
2. Get to read more of them sometime. :D

So, I've added you, you don't need to add me back, just tell me. (:
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Hee, awesome, and thank you aaand I added you back :)

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Haha no problem, thanks for the add.

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hey, jtlyk i'm adding you because i love your artwork like whoaaaaaaaaaa. you don't have to add me back but i wanted you to know what the random add was :)
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\o/ thanks and no prob, i added you back anyways :)

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Hey, I've seen you around FOB and Pete/Patrick related comms and thought I'd add. Hope you don't mind :)
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Heey, it's cool, added you back :D

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Great :)

I love your icon, btw.
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\o/ thank you, it was one of a few made from boredom

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I need some FOBTrail icons, haha. All I have is this one, and it's only regular OT :P
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lool that's kind of awesome, though

I only have this other one, I really wanna make more though

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hiya =] i wanted to make sure you weren't like 'wtf?' when i added you.

so hai!

your reclists make my day pretty much all the time. so yeah.

this is me stalking you in a very obvious way... shh.
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\o/ don't worry, stalking is very okay by me... probably more than it should be, actually, but yeah

hi! I am very happy to hear that, the rec-lists are like my babies, so thank you! ...babies in like a "I am so proud I managed to create this way" not like, like I think of them as my children... um

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hahaha, that's okay, i used to call my fish my babies. and they weren't my children either. technically. *blinks*
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lmfao fish children aww

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Hi, I snooped around a bit after your comment on my picspam and I must say, your rec list totally made my week. If it's ok I'll add you, because everyone who ships Pete/Patrick the way you do is awesome in my book.
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Thanks :) hahaha you came to the perfect place then, I'm totally diligent in my shipping of those two... as I've kind of made it apparent all over the internet /o\ The recs are my proudest thing, I love hearing that people get anything out of them, so thanks for that too.

(Oh and hey, I've actually been using a lot of your icons, dude, they're awesome ♥ fandom: "It's a small world after all~")

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No, you need to say "apparent all over the internet \o/ \o/ \o/"

I love the recs, I'm always excited to find something I haven't read. Because until a year ago I hated Pete's face because he stole away my flist by luring them into bandom, but then I took a look at his face and the rest his history. Man, I missed out on so much by resisting him.

I am totally diligent in my iconing them, I think my flist and watchers at coffeeforcloser are in constant mourning. I don't care, &THEM;
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loool true, but sometimes I have to fake it a little, so people don't think I'm completely crazy... ah, whatever \o/\o/\o/!

I think a little over a year ago I didn't even see Pete and Patrick as a thing at all, I saw Pete and I saw Patrick , but I did not see PeteandPatrick... then obviously, I did so \o/ again. But yeah, it's the same for me now with the whole American Idol thing - Kris and Adam - that's stealing everyone away ;__; though I do read that pairing when there's nothing else--but still!

You have to! I love it, their faceees. Especially Patrick's, but Pete's too ♥♥♥♥♥

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Ungh, it makes me hate Adam and Kris a bit. Otherwise I wouldn't care at all, the pairing does absolutely nothing for me.
The Kradam thing will fade eventually after the AI8 tour, it was the same last year with Mavid. And FOB will still be there \o/, so maybe people will come to their senses then *g*
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Me too :( but yeah, they'll all come crawling back, and then fic will happen \o/

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I see you around *everywhere*, and I feel like I should add you because you seem super awesome. :D So! I'm gonna do that if you don't mind.
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\o/ awesome! Hahaha ~I get around u kno (bad joke ._.)

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Haha, only in the best way, bb! (seriously, you're forever spreading the Pete/Patrick love. There is nothing not good about that)
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Course! Spreading can bring only good things! &them; I may or may not have a thing... :D

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Stalking for the Patrick and Pete stuff. ...Just thought I should say something. /not a very good stalker lmao
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\o/ hi! All stalkers are good stalkers, Pete's a good example... or not and my perception is just skewed by the ♥ eyes I make at him

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Hi, I've read your fics/reclist a lot, and your posts are awesome, so I thought, hey, why keep lurking like a creeper. :P Mind if I friend you?
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Hahaha yay new friend! I mean, yeah it's cool :) *acts nonchalant*

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YEAAAAAAAH \o/ Sweet. :D

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So I got here by way of your current comic (i.e. serial killer!patch) but I kind of want to stay for you epic love of Peterick. And such. :D?

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Hi! I've read through your Peterick rec list. I'm a recent convert to bandom and I just wanted to let you know how much it helped. Thank you!
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Aww, no problem! Glad it did :D

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Hi there! Your art is prettiful, and I'm also working on reading through your Pete/Patrick rec lists, so I thought I'd friend you. :D
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\o/ thank you! and of course, *friended* :D

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got a new lj. i used to be lionjwalk.
add me? i added you. :)
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'course! already added you back :)