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josie ([personal profile] josie) wrote2012-10-16 01:09 am

(art) hey harry! (harry/draco)

So you know what was a joy? Uploading this to the WRONG TUMBLOG. MY ~REAL LIFE~ ONE. WHERE I MAKE AN EFFORT TO REPRESS MY FANNISH SIDE (AND MOSTLY FAIL AT IT). I deleted it before anyone caught it, I hope. That would just be... no. I guess I'm lucky it wasn't porn.

So this was a fun one to do.

In which Draco Malfoy is actually Helga Pataki from Hey Arnold! I think you can guess who Harry is…

I think Helga and Arnold may be the actual reason I ship it, also I need to stop marathoning cartoons from my childhood at some point. I am not yet at that point though.

Bandom stuff coming up soon!