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how'd you like to waste some time

For [ profile] _slashygoodness! Because I owe her birthday fic from about 2 years ago, maybe. I don't even remember what the prompt for that was, but whatever. New fic! New prompt! Forget that old whatever thing... You won't hate me for that anymore, right?

(oh yeah pimpage, go check out [ profile] chatfic_archive okay! maybe? If you want to? I'd like you to :D?)

how'd you like to waste some time
680 words
rating: uuuuh, R
pairing: Pete/Patrick, Andy/Mixon

Prompt: "the time Pete and Patrick were making out and went off to have sex and stumbled in on Andy and Mixon."

    “Pete,” Patrick gasps as he’s pressed against the wall. Pete pushes a leg between his thighs and Patrick moans, it echos into the corridor. “Shit,” Patrick says, laughing a little, “shit, you jackass.”

    Pete moves up from his neck and kisses his mouth messily, desperately, pushing and pushing until Patrick has to pull back and put a hand against his chest. “Seriously, you’re a jackass,” he tells him breathlessly, sliding his hand down to the front of Pete’s jeans.

    “Right here,” Pete growls in response, just as Patrick manages to pull down the zipper. “Call me a jackass all you fucking want, we’re doing it right here.”

    Patrick laughs again and Pete starts sucking on his neck. “Jackass,” he sniggers, and slides his hand into Pete’s jeans, squeezing his dick. “We have a room, remember?”

    Pete grins at him, all shining eyes and swollen lips. “We don’t need it.” He bites Patrick’s shoulder and grinds against him. “We’re good, this is good.” It is good, but it’s not great, Pete’s jeans are too tight and the zipper is digging into the back of Patrick’s hand.

    “Come on,” Patrick says, pulling away. “We are classy dudes with a classy fucking hotel room.” He leans in to kiss Pete quickly, staying close enough that their mouths touch when he says, “You don’t want to make the most of it?”

    “You have ideas?” Pete wiggles his eyebrows suggestively.

    Patrick rolls his eyes and pulls Pete forward by his lapels, kissing that stupid smug look off his face. “Even better,” he says when he pulls back. “I have promises.”

    “Well, normally I’d be Team Public Sex all the way, but,” Pete reaches around to grab Patrick’s ass, fitting his fingers into the back-pockets of his jeans. “I know you always make good on your promises, Stump.”

    Patrick holds up the keys, smiling cheerily. “Wrong pocket, jackass.”

    Pete raises his eyebrows and grins, “I wasn’t looking for the keys, dude.”

    They finally disentangle themselves long enough to get the door open. Patrick stumbles in first with Pete laughing behind him, his thumbs hooked into Patrick’s belt loops. “Fuck, turn on the light,” Pete says, he’s close enough that his lips brush the shell of Patrick’s ear. “Hey, hey Patrick, your ideas don’t all need a bed, right?”

    Patrick turns around and Pete’s hands skim down his chest to his hips, going lower. Patrick hears the sound of knees creaking, a thunk and then he feels Pete’s nose pressed against his stomach, hot, wet breath dampening his shirt. “Pete.” Patrick threads his fingers through Pete’s hair, moving down to his shoulder to push off his jacket.

    “Okay!” Someone says loudly from behind Patrick, he jumps and the room lights up. “Sorry dudes,” Mixon says, standing in front of them with his hands on his hips, not wearing anything at all. “It’s two naked people to one room, and this one’s taken.”

    Pete frowns up at him, he’s still kneeling in front of Patrick. “Fuck you, Mix, this is my room!”

    “And mine,” Andy chimes in, smiling deviously from the bed. He’s got a pillow covering his crotch, Patrick’s grateful for that much. “Didn’t you see the sign? Ocupado.”

    Pete stands up and narrows his eyes. “There was no sign.”

    “Oh, well,” Andy says unaffectedly, “my bad.”

    “You’re welcome to watch?” Mix suggests, grinning down at Patrick.


    “Dude,” Pete says, grabbing Patrick’s hand and pulling him out the door. “Don’t break him before I can have sex with him.”

    “Oh Pete,” Andy calls just before the door closes, “you’re so old-fashioned.”

    Patrick shakes his head and glares at the door. “Jackasses.”

    “Yeah,” Pete nods, staring down at his feet before looking up brightly. “So!” He pulls Patrick’s jeans open and grabs his dick.

    Fuck,” Patrick tips his head back against the door and Pete moves closer, biting his neck. Patrick moans. “Okay,” he says shakily when Pete’s hand speeds up. “Okay, fuck the room, where were we?”

    Pete hums and grins against his neck, pulling Patrick’s hand back down to his own crotch. “Right about here.”

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*makes heart eyes at this story* It's the little things in life that matter the most. *sigh*
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precisely m'dear, glad you liked it! <3333

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i read it.

'nuf said.


Re: omg

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it was... a ficlet -_-

Re: I repeat

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its your fault you know. i hate petrick whatever the fuck its called.


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Re: I repeat

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dude, that's what they all say

... at first. :D

Re: I repeat

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whatever. i hate him. I will NEVER love him. I read it only for you. >_>

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): I miss Peterick. So, so much ):

A+, bb. A+!
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me too bb :((( *makes grabby hands at all the OTPness*

I'm real happy you liked it!

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AHAHAHA! So hot, and SO FUNNY! I'm so happy to see someone is still posting out there. (It's dwindling, NOOO) I'm actually JUST showing up to this fandom. I liked FOB, but never got into the fandom aspect before? Now that I'm here, I'M RIGHT HERE. Pete/Patrick is my OTP2, and I'm so ready to start writing for them. I hated Pete Wentz at first too. I still kind of hate him, but Patrick handles him SO WONDERFULLY. And yeah, hearts everywhere. Thanks for posting this story, it really made like my entire week!
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Thanks! I'm really glad you liked it :)

Hahaha you're me! That's how I got into the fic too, mostly I blame Patrick Stump for showing me the ~light but I love all my boys too. Happy to have you in the fandom :D and glad to know you're writing for them! *grabby hands* (is greedy and wants more OTP fic)

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Patrick can show me all the light he wants.;) My OTP is always going to be be Frank/Gerard just because it's at least 8 years old now. *facepalm* but yeah. Patrick is really awesome. If I met him, I'd take him to dinner, and shopping or something weird and domestic. He makes me want to bake cookies for him or something. *shrug*

AND YEAH! I'M TRYING! I want to make a fic for the Best Buy incident, but I really don't have enough information. I mean I know how Pete called him manager and his mom came to get him, but what about the rest? Did he need his stomach pumped? How long was he off tour? How do the other guys feel about not being able to care for Pete? I watched the interview Pete did, but that's all I know about it.

Sorry about the rush of information! *is going back to re-read story*
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I love Frank/Gerard! MCR fandom was actually what got me into fic and such, plus Gerard is my favourite (next to Patrick, they totally dork duel it out in my head)

Oh, oh! I spent ages looking for this stuff because you got me thinking about it and I remembered this Patrick quote: "It was a real tour in that we went out and played shows and some band played Fall Out Boy songs, but it wasn't Fall Out Boy at all. I had to go up there and do my best Pete impression onstage, because that's all I knew. And I had to say verbatim what Pete says, because I'm an idiot and don't know anything about what to say on stage. It is a tour, so, of course we had a little fun, but every day, I was like, 'I never want to sing one of these songs ever again if that dude's not there."

I then found the article scans it came from. It has a lot of information on how they all dealt with things after Pete's attempt, and that, according to the article, Pete's stomach was pumped.

Also there is this fic that deals heavily with the aftermath of the incident. I remember that during that time, I'd always heard that Pete and Patrick passed notes to each other under a door and communicated like that for a while or something, I don't know whether I read that somewhere legit or if it's just been in enough fic that I think I did, but lol I'm not sure.

Okay, anyways, I hope that helps you! Sorry for the comment-longness!

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Thank you SO MUCH for all your help! I'm going to work on it, and actually today I started a Patrick-bot idea. I've read three others like that, but I was a little unsatisfied. I loved them, but they were so short! I don't want to spam your comment section on your story, so if you want I'll send you more info in your inbox! Thank you again for all your help!
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Re: (long-ass comment will be long)

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No problem :) ooh, Patrick-bot! Hee, I love robot fic so I'm happy there might be more of it!

Oh yeah, go ahead and message me about it, I love hearing about fic ideas!

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Oh, man this was wonderful - you have such a way with writing humour. A light touch.
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Thank you very much! I'm really happy you liked it ♥

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im obligatorily making myself comment because A) I used to lurk your fics all teh time and its only polite to comment and B) sjaklfjhihedhfaksjklgajd
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that's cool 'cause I like lurkers and I like comments \:D/ we all win!

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I'm kind of happy to see all the hating on Pete Wentz cause I hate him too. I only read for the lovelyness of Patrick. :) Thanks.
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Haha aww, I think he's an awesome dude but everyone's got their own opinion :) thank you for reading. Patrick is definitely reason enough to read almost anything!

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He's just really adorable and has a nice voice. What more could a person ask for?