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you can sing me anything

I've had this idea stuck in my head a while now, but I didn't think I'd ever write it. Especially right now, with everything that's going on... but you know, we all need our escapes. Inspired by the jan 10 09 prompt at [ profile] we_are_cities. Hope this turned out the way I wanted it to.

you can sing me anything
by: [ profile] josiemus_prime
g| 630~ words| bodyswap| "If I could attach our blood vessels so we could become each other I would. If I could open your body and slip up inside your skin and look out your eyes and forever have my lips fused with yours I would."

    Pete spends hours alone in his own bunk, with his own things. Just him in his own space, but in Patrick's skin. Hours staring at Patrick's hands, his arms, his torso. But he sets a line for himself, won't touch or look anywhere Patrick wouldn't want him to.


    Patrick's been watching him, whenever Pete decides to leave his bunk when it's not just for a show. His own face staring back at him with subtle concern. But it's Patrick through and through, strangely. Pete thinks vaguely how Patrick wears him better than he does. His features aren't as tired, except for lack of sleep. Because that's years of fucked up that not even Patrick can fix.

    He wonders how he makes Patrick look.

    Patrick laughs, Pete's hoarse voice coming through, he says, "I thought I was sleeping next to you when I woke up, because I saw your tattoos."

    Pete smiles at him and it doesn't feel forced, these lips lift easily into a real smile. Genuine. No slight tension from pretending.

    A smile and a pat on the shoulder, then Patrick's gone, walking off the bus. Pete understands anyway, they'll talk about it later.


    Days pass by but they don't tell anyone. Even with Patrick's voice Pete sings the notes a little off-key. No one notices. No one except for Patrick, anyway. Pete knows he notices because he feels his eyes on him, his eyes.

    Patrick as Pete on bass, however, barely misses a beat.


    You ever feel like someone could be a better you -- but if you were them you'd just be bringing them down.


    Pete's asleep in his bunk when the bus pulls over. His body still jolts awake at sporadic times of the night - a mental habit still, if not physical - but now he actually manages to go back to sleep. Something he's been reveling in for the past week.

    This time though, when he startles awake he hears someone come onto the bus, someone breathing just outside his bunk, someone pulling back his curtain.

    A hand rests on his chest, his own hand. And his forehead presses against his. His, Patrick's.

    They stay like that for a while, close and just breathing. Pete wonders if he'll fall asleep like this, Patrick hovering over him. His eyelids are getting heavy.

    But Patrick pushes lightly, knuckles pressing in, fingers clenched in Pete's shirt, his shirt. Pete moves back instinctively, giving Patrick room as he tumbles into the bunk, moving in close.

    Patrick smells like himself even in Pete's clothing, his skin, it's comforting.

    "I miss you," Patrick tells him, voice hushed, but rough because it's Pete's. "Or you miss me, or we miss being ourselves, something like that."

    Pete's hands find their way to Patrick's waist, his. "I've been wishing I could fit under your skin for years," he says, "just to get closer to you."

    Patrick blinks at him in the dark, waiting, patient. His eyes are still his eyes. The bus rumbles and starts moving again, Patrick nudges his thigh between Pete's.

    "I miss you singing to me," Pete admits softly, lips pressing it against Patrick's cheek like a secret. "Sing to me."

    "You have my voice."

    "You're still you." His mouth moves down, against the corner of Patrick's mouth. His. There's a narcissistic joke in there, or insult. Take your pick.

    Patrick sings softly, whispering the words against Pete's mouth until they both fall asleep.


    In the morning, Pete wakes up on the opposite side of where he fell asleep in the bunk. And Patrick's face is in front of him, sleeping, dreaming.

    He presses a small kiss against Patrick's lips and closes his eyes, not to sleep, but just to pretend he's Patrick a while longer.

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This was lovely. Short, and bitter, and a lot like a poem, and I loved it.
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Thank you very much :)

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Beautiful ♥
There was something about this, some sort of bite behind the sweetness that gave it that extra depth.
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Thank you! ♥

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♥ This made my heart flutter so hard. ^_^
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Hee <333
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this was great it made me smile it was definitely really sweet but kinda sad at the same time but that might just be me lol. :D
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Thank you so much! :D

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This was sweet. Unlike other bodyswaps, this wasn't about them freaking out or anything, it was just about them.
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Thank you ♥♥♥

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I've never read a bodyswap fic that's so elegant and wistful. I really enjoyed this.
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Aww, so glad, thank you ♥♥

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This hurt a lot, but in a good way.
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:) ♥♥

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i haven't read anything in forever and this was perfect.
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♥♥♥ thank you :)

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ugh, this was wonderful. there's this hint at underlying issues and I loved that. gosh, I haven't read them in forever and this just made me happy. :)
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Aww, thank you so much! ♥♥♥
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I always love bodyswap fics; this one has a lovely delicacy about it. I really like the part where they don't tell anyone, it's their secret. Wonderful work!
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So happy you like it! Thank you :)

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You ever feel like someone could be a better you -- but if you were them you'd just be bringing them down.

this line stung, in a really good way. Thank you.
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This was beautiful but sad. I really liked it. ♥
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Thank you :)

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Oh this was just gorgeous. I loved every bit of it. &hearts
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Thank you very much <3

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Lovely work. Very poetic.
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♥ Thank you

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First Peterick I've read in a very long time, and very worth it. That was gorgeous.

"I've been wishing I could fit under your skin for years," he says, "just to get closer to you." You've succeeded in making my heart melt. Thanks for this<3
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No you ♥ thank you very much, I'm so happy you enjoyed it
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So nice to read such a heartfelt emotional fic on a trope that's usually all about the sex/comedy. This was really lovely and a bit hurty, but in a good ache way.

So many wonderful moments, but the thing that got me the most was the sense that they were both being so careful with each other's bodies, almost reverent. Really gorgeous. You should be proud.
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Oh, thank you so much, you don't even know ♥

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i adored that, it's was short and sweet
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Thank you ♥

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I'm just gonna come right out and say it: this is the best bodyswap fic I've ever read. Hands down. In any fandom. If you ahd any idea how much fanfiction I've read, you'd know that this is a massive compliment : D I hope you have a lovely day/afternoon/evening, you freaking genius you.
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Oh, wow, thank you so much for this comment ♥

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not to sleep, but just to pretend he's Patrick a while longer.

this. ♥♥♥♥

next to the plot, i really love your writing style in this. how it's not made of words to fill the spaces and dots to make it longer. you dig under their skin without hesitating and before you know it - every sentence, every word counts, matters. it is complete and full of emotion and i like that, as a reader, you can read between the lines, there's so much there.

i think this is one of the best bodyswap fics i've read, i like the feeling that, no matter who or how they are, tehy can't be without each other, can't be them.
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Oh man, thank you for this comment ♥ I really have no idea what to say besides that haha, that's just so amazing to hear, so really, thank you ♥♥♥
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I've been off LJ for a 'coon's age and I came back to find this. Lovely.

I like it all--I love body-swap fic and you know that P/P is my obsession--but the best thing about this is the way it's written. You've been so sparing with your words here. All the conversations and even the narrative thoughts are surface-level, but not.

It's hard to convey that much emotion and dialogue without spelling it out for the reader, but you did it very masterfully. :D

Also, HI!! :D
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Oh man hiii! *glomps* you've returned!

And thankyouthankyouthankyou for the kind words about this thing of mine ♥ it means so much, you don't even know <333


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