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art: fixer-upper; frank/gerard

Drawn for [personal profile] onthehill, who gave me "Frank gets a job as a mechanic, but the overalls only come in standard sizes so he has to roll up the sleeves (& legs!)" IS THIS EVEN CLOSE TO WHAT YOU WANTED IDK.

I wanted it to be a whole long thing! There was going to be more flustered, crushing, art school!Gerard! And Mikey and Ray drinking all the coffee at his apartment all the time and judging him, and Frank the mechanic. FRANK THE MECHANIC. ;__; but for now it is just this one little panel. ;______; Frank the mechanic, I have failed you.

fixer-upper; frank/gerard
by [ profile] josiemus_prime

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You have not failed, Josie, you never will in my eyes ♥ This is wonderful and, like I've said already, it made me think about the backstory and how they go from there and just, I had all these images in my head. Especially Gerard's "!!!!!" face, hehe :)
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:) ♥!!! you make me smile the most