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vid: everywhere I go; harry/draco

title: Everywhere I Go
by [ profile] josiemus_prime (itsforscience)
pairing: Harry/Draco
song: Everywhere I Go by Lissie
rating: pg
summary: Harry breaks up with Draco - and gets hexed for his trouble - to leave him and the others to go in search of the horcuxes on his own.
notes: Mostly DH-compliant save for their relationship and Draco standing up to Voldemort. Might be spoilery for DH2. Hopefully the story makes sense, though if something is confusing feel free to ask about it :)

password: angels


DOWNLOAD (18 mb)

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I'm sorry about the quality, my computer does not want to render HD these days. Aaand this would be my first H/D vid \o/? Actually, this would in fact be my first ever HP vid at all, and I had loads of fun doing it, definitely plan on making more in the future.