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(art) girl!pete/girl!patrick

Josie it's your birthdaaay, happy birthday Josieee. lol I am a sad, sad person.

Here, have some fanart!

I do these things because I have no life. And it's my birthday and I'll draw my OTP genderswapped if I want to~

tbh I am way happier with how Patrick turned out, and I fixed his foot after I stupidly drew it wrong last time :/ (evidence linked below). I'm okay with how Pete turned out, but not really. I was going to draw his tattoos but I couldn't be bothered (cause I suck) so I just drew the thorns and gave him--her a hoodie. But I didn't really put that much effort into him, I prefer girl!Patrick.

And okay, so that is like 3 posts in a row about Pete/Patrick drawings. So I'm just going to... stop now.

But to see a (kind of) bigger picture of just girl!Patrick you can go here or you can go here to see the bb picture I did of them both so you can better understand how my brain has gone bye bye. And it's their fault.

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HAPPEH BIRFDAI, BB! I'm glad you had a good one! +squishes you tightly+
Also, you make me want to draw. Too bad I can't. HAHAHA!
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\o/ THANK YOU! lololol but I can't stop with the drawing now D: lol you should draw even if you can't

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lol what's the point of doing something when you fail at it? it's not gonna look good. :[
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idk I just always tell my best friend to draw even though she's bad at it, her drawings always come out weirdly proportioned and they just make us lol. idk, weird sense of humor o.o

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i'm good at drawing hands, but that's about it. i'd love to be able to draw faces. :[
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I used to be so bad at hands (♥ your House icon!) they used to look all bad and some fingers would be weirdly bigger than the other =/ and yeah, faces are hard :(

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especially noses are hard, but yours? super cool and good, especially the one of patrick. i dig!
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\o/ I really hate drawing noses too though it's easy to mess up just one little thing with it

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YES. just like html-- one mistake and everything's SHITTY.

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Aww, I love it when people sing happy birthday to you in a restaurant bc everyone else there gets pissed off but they can't say anything because it's your birthday.

Pete looks like Alice from Twilight, lol. I WANT HER(HIS?) SOCKS THOUGH. I want to smoosh Patrick she(he?) is so cute :3
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lol yes and an old couple were watching us all serious the whole time and they couldn't do anything or complain

LOL But that's how I always imagine his hair in genderswap D: I hate the way I drew his face..area and head. idk it looks funny. I will find you those socks and give them to you for christmas, also a spencer

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Hmm, needs more sidefringe imo. That is too cute to be Pete :(


he will get rid of our Brenodn problem I am sure of it.
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ia, ia.

How will he get rid of it? What if he starts hooking up with Brenodn :(

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Spencer will figure out a way.
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through sex

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I actually wanted to make an entry at my journal like I did last time but I decided that wasn't cool any more -_- And freaking msn is bitching so I couldn't tell you happy birthday via it but whatever i'm saying it now!

You know how much I love toy, right? And I'm also a huuuuuuge fan of yours (but I'm not a stalker I swear!!!...though I've watched cobra's cam shit for 6 hours straight haha but that just makes me curios not stalkerish, okay? >_<) Anyway. I would like once again to tell you how amazing you are. You are so freaking talented it almost makes me jealous (but I can't be jealous cause I'm a fan of yours -_- So i just admore you from afar xDDDD) and I swear I'll kick God's ass if you won't make it - I'm tlaking about music and shit. You are so awesome that the world needs to see your awesomeness!!!
I hope God won't hate me for saying I'll kick his ass -_-

happy birthday once again
I'm really happy I once got you as a friend =*****

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btw, the drawing is pure joy ^^
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Awwww, thank you so much sweetie I love you! ^^ You're my favorite stalker, (and don't worry about the cobra cam thing, so did I. I'm so sad it's done ;_;)

I love youuu and I hope God doesn't kick your ass, too D:
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*sings happy birthday late, cause sucks a bit*

That's so hot/cute*< 3
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do not :) thank you thank you *cuddles*
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*cuddles and loves*

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Happy Birthday!
looks awsome i love it!
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Thank you ^^ and thank you! I'm glad you like it
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Happy Birthday! This is awesome! And I'm still hoping for a Girl!Andy. Just saying! Is it all the tattoos? Cause remember it's AU! She doesn't have to have (as much) ink!

I hope you appreciate my shameless begging. Thank you and good night!
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\o/ Oh god, well first, thank you! Second, it's kind of the tattoos, But I have this weird urge to draw the ones on his back... hmm

I really do appreciate the shameless begging, I'm narcissistic like that. lol, I can link you to it for your AU once I've (hopefully) finished it :)

Also, that is one very awesome cake in your icon, I want it for my wedding cake, only no one is allowed to eat it *_*
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Girl!Andy is my heartbeat, really!

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i think ur guitar drawing looks nice!!!! i wish i could draw
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aww, thank you! :)

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I like it it's really good.
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Thank you very much :)

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Happy birthday~

AND OMG. I LOVE THIS PICTURE. Especially Patrick's hair. Eeee.
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Thank you ♥

\o/ Happy you like, Patrick is my favorite, thank youu ^^

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Happy birthday! Girl!Patrick is just how I imagined she'd look. :)

I wished myself a happy LJ birthday last weekend.
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\o/ Thank you, thank you <3

I tend to wish myself happy LJ birthdays whenever I get a notification from it... about mysel =/

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those drawings are so so good! :)
i looked at the picture before i read the text and i immediately guessed on what it was.
i wish i could draw like this. :)
i hope you had a lovely birthday, even though this is a bit late haha..
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Aww thank you very much! :) And thanks for the birthday sentiments haha

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That's pretty awesome. I really like Pete's outfit cause I could totally see a girl version of him rocking the booty short/ high socks look.
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\o/ somehow the outfit had already come together in my head, idek it just fit. Thank you :)